I’ve just been re-reading through Gartner‘s Commerce Hype Cycle. If you are looking for a comprehensive list of technologies mentioned in the context of commerce, this is definitely a good place to start. You’ll also learn about Gartner’s definition for many of these terms (others may define some of the terms differently).

Gartner's e-commerce hype cycle 2010

One thing that got me thinking is Gartner’s expectation that multi-commerce MDM is a hype term that will disappear in a few year’s time. Now, if you happen to work for a commerce software vendor, that’s not something you’ll be too happy to hear about on face value.

Yet, reading through Gartner’s definition a little further, I tend to agree with Gene and Andrew’s views. The sole purpose of multi-commerce MDM was to integrate all the silos and different channels into one single view. Yet, my observation is that over the last couple of years customers have asked their commerce vendor partners to incorporate more channels and master data into their suites. That has certainly been my experience, anyway.

The result is the hallmark of any agile, best-in-class ethos to product development. Technology for channels, infrastructures and the support of all data domains and data types (including content) has converged into one single platform.